Important Company Milestones


2001:  The Standard-Examiner converts to a new offset printing press, The KBA Comet.


2000:  The Standard-Examiner switches from an afternoon to a morning publication on June 1.

2000:  The Standard-Examiner moves to Business Depot Ogden.


1995:  The Standard-Examiner establishes an internet presence with the debut of

1993:  The Standard-Examiner becomes a subsidiary of Sandusky Newspaper Group.


Early 1990’s:  Daily circulation for the Standard-Examiner reaches 55,000 with almost 85% of Weber County homes subscribing to the newspaper.

1992:  Randall C. Hatch, the great-grandson of Ogden Standard publisher William Galsmann, becomes the newspapers 7th publisher.


1989:  The Hatch family buys out the Glasmanns to consolidate ownership of Standard Corp.

1983:  The Ogden Standard-Examiner converts from typewriters to using computers to produce the news and run the company’s operations.

1969:  The Oden Standard-Examiner’s new press prints up to 70,000 48-page newspapers in a hour.

1961:  The Ogden Standard-Examiner purchases the old Utah National Guard building @ 455 23rd St in Ogden, moving the operation from 24th & Keisel Ave.

1959:  The Ogden Standard-Examiner’s circulation tops 30,000

1956:  Ogden Standard-Examiner owners purchase control of KUTV Channel 2.


1945:  Ogden Standard-Examiner owners establish KALL Radio, AM 910.

1934:  Ogden Standard-Examiner owners purchase KLO Radio, AM 1430, which they operated until 1970.

1920:  The Ogden Standard and the Ogden Morning Examiner merge, becoming what would be known for decades as the Ogden Standard-Examiner.


1911:  J.J. Eldredge purchases the Ogden Morning Examiner, competing with the Ogden Standard.

1904:  The Ogden Morning Examiner begins publishing using the Ogden Standard’s presses.

1892:  William Glasmann purchases the Ogden Standard and becomes publisher. Circulation is 1,500.


1888:  Frank J. Cannon founds and begins publishing the Ogden Standard – forerunner to today’s Standard-Examiner, in the Peery Building @ 23rd St. & Washington Ave.

1869:  Ogden’s first newspaper rolls off the press; one day after the historic driving of the Golden Spike that completed the transcontinental railroad.