The Standard-Examiner is Utah’s 3rd largest daily news source, serving Weber, Davis, Box Elder and Morgan counties for over 128 years. Every week, over 200,000 area residents read Standard-Examiner through print, online and mobile formats to stay informed on happenings in their local community and throughout the world.

The Standard-Examiner traces its roots to Jan. 1, 1888, when the first edition of the Ogden Standard rolled off the presses. In a small city that was tough on newspapers, it persevered. But in 1904, it met competition from the Ogden Examiner.

For 16 years, the Standard — owned by William Glasmann — and the Examiner sparred for readership. But on April 1, 1920, the two competitors merged, creating the Standard-Examiner.

For more than two generations, the Standard-Examiner kept its offices in the Kiesel Building, just west of 24th Street and Washington Boulevard. In 1961, the newspaper moved to 455 23rd Street, where it would remain for 39 years.

During that time the newspaper, still owned by Glasmann’s descendants, was sold to the Ohio-based Sandusky Newspaper Group. It is the largest-circulation newspaper owned by SNG.

In 2000, the Standard-Examiner moved to Business Depot Ogden, a business park that had once been Defense Depot Ogden. Besides new offices, a new $10 million printing press was installed. Historically an evening newspaper, the Standard-Examiner also switched to morning publication that year.

In the 21st century, newspapers need to provide information immediately. The Standard-Examiner reorganized its newsroom in August 2015 around a Real Time Desk, which breaks news online, curates and engages readers on social media.

Greg Halling, who became executive editor in June 2015, said community journalism is the heart and soul of the Standard-Examiner.

“We will always work on behalf of people who need us and people who have no other voice,” Halling said upon joining SE. He promised to employ “every tool at our disposal to tell the stories that need to be told.”

Meanwhile, the Standard-Examiner continues to develop new products across a variety of platforms — both print and digital — to meet the needs of readers and advertisers. Standard-Examiner’s MORE+ advertising division offers B2B solutions in print, online, social media, marketing resources and promotions to connect local, regional and national advertisers with its audience.

“This is a newspaper with a long history of service to its community,” said Brandon Erlacher, named publisher of the Standard-Examiner in October 2015. “We want to build on that legacy.”

The Standard-Examiner welcomes the community to come and visit its facility, offering free public tours for any size group – including scouts, schools and service organizations. Call 801-625-4400 to arrange a tour.

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